Frequently Asked Questions

What can we help you with?

What do you recommend to preserve my Franchesca jewels?

Prevent the use of Franchesca handmade accessories while performing housekeeping or domestic work. Also, avoid contact of accessories with substances that contain chemicals like perfumes, dye, creams, sprays, detergent, sun tan lotion, soap, alcohol as the properties of the accessory can be altered causing staining and fading of the gold and silver plated piece.

Do you offer products warranty?

Yes. All Franchesca’s accessories have one (1) month warranty from the date of purchase. Accessory will be replaced if there is a loss of any piece due to fabrication or assembly during the warranty period and not for misuse of the accessory. (Check how to properly store and preserve your Franchesca jewels). Also, take in count a sudden change of color in your accessory could be caused by the body PH due to sweat.

Can I wear my accessories on the beach?

It’s not recommended for your accessories to get wet especially with sea water or water containing clorox (pool, spa).

How to clean and store my Franchesca jewels?

Use gently a soft cloth to clean your accessories and don’t clean them with abrasive or metal cleaners. Always store your accessories in a dry place and do not sleep with wearing them.

I’m allergic. Can I wear any Franchesca’s piece?

Don’t hesitate to ask for more information about the material of the pieces you’re about to purchase. If you are aware of any allergies to any material used in our manufacturing process, please refrain from purchasing or the use of this accessories. Franchesca is not responsible for any allergic reaction on you related to the materials used on its accessories.

How to wear Kabbalah red string?

Now that you have your red string, ask somebody you trust and love to help tie it. Ask that person to tie the string around your left wrist in a simple knot. Then, have your beloved one repeat by tying the red string six more times until you have completed seven knots.

How does shipping work?

When you purchase a Franchesca’s piece, we take two days to organize your package. Then, we give the package to USPS and it usually takes 3 – 5 days (depend on the state you are located) to receive your order. Also, after purchasing any products, the client receives the shipping tracking number to make easier the monitoring process. You should receive your package properly packed and sealed.